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About Us

Our Company and its quality policy:

Our company was established in the year 1992. We are one of leading pump manufacturers in Coimbatore with skilled & well experienced R&D & Quality Control Team. We have taken immense care at each stage right from design upto packing to provide trouble free service. We are confident on our stringent quality control measures. We provide warranty for the period of one year.

Advantages of our pumpset are operated on wide voltage range, noiseless, high discharge, low power cosumpition, high efficiency & very economic. Our products available in the brand name of Cheran and Mayura throughout South India.


Cheran Submersible Motors are squirrel cage wet type induction Motor of 2880 rpm, 50Hz, Single & Three Phase AC Supply. The winding wires are non-aging water proof synthetic film insulated and the cables are capable of withstanding high voltages. The rotors are made up of EC grade copper and mounted on high tensile strength shaft ground to perfection. The rotor is coated with rust proof polyurethane based paint. The bushes are made of high grade bronze material and the rotor is dynamically balanced. The thrust bearing is designed to ensure take the axial load with minimum wear and tear.


Cheran Submersible Pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps with dynamically balanced, high grade SS and bronze impellers. The stage castings and other parts are made of high grade cast iron. The pump shafts are made of stainless steel and machined to perfection water lubricated special bronze bushes are used for friction-free rotation. The strainer is specially designed with a mesh to arrest all the entry of foreign particles with minimum hydraulic loss.

All the Cheran pumpsets are tested as per IS:9283, IS:8034, IS:8472, IS:9079, IS14220 & 5Star rating specification.

Guarantee & Warranty

With our confidence level on stringent quality measures, we provide warranty & guarantee for a period of one year.

Our manufacturing practices & preferences have helped us to set new standards in the motor and pump industry. We are focused on making products that yield value for Our Privileged clients. As one of the leaders of this industry, we understand the consumer changing needs, and we constantly upgrade our technology to their satisfaction.

Cheran Pumps

Cheran Pumps