To serve the most simplified, smarter, efficient range of water lifting pumps at uttermost affordable price with commendable quality to the mankind and society.


Analyse, plan, perform each day for a better & positive output combined along with team work, appreciable business ethics & most vibrant work force.

History of the Group

The founder MR.P.G.Mahalingam named the group CHERAN with the principles of “quality at its best”. Initially being a son of a farmer from a village, founder understood the day-to-day toughness and hardness faced by the farmers. Once when the water scarcity was at peak during late 80`s, he had an idea to opt for a bore well service in his own farm to sort out the scarcity issue, when the bore work was done he faced tremendous risk in getting the suitable motors and pumps at affordable price for his bore well. That incident kindled his heart repeatedly about the toughness faced by a farmer to satisfy his or her own basic need of water. Since then he was repeatedly planning to find a solution for these problems in a wide range to help all his fellow farmer bloods. Learning all the ethics behind the system he proclaimed to set up a service and motor pump set unit in early 90`s which paved the basement for the Cheran groups. To stand unique and provide the best service many special schemes like onsite field inspection, customized un-size pump sets based on the consumer’s requirement were introduced by the company which was highly welcoming. Later step-by-step people`s choice towards the firm was highly appreciating as the company’s products, its system and service was highly satisfactory to all the customers. With the Valuable customers, trustworthy Stakeholders, Step by step many business ventures have been started up one by one under the group. At present the group has below mentioned various different portfolios of businesses servicing the people around the globe,

  • Cheran Industries
  • Cheran Beautycare Products
  • Cheran Traders
  • Mayura Pumps
  • Cheran Agro Products

Key People of the Group

P.G.Mahalingam (Managing Director)

HarishankarMahalingam, Msc (United Kingdom) - Managing Body

SreekumarMahalingam, MBA (Switzerland) - Managing Body

Our manufacturing practices & preferences have helped us to set new standards in the motor and pump industry. We are focused on making products that yield value for Our Privileged clients. As one of the leaders of this industry, we understand the consumer changing needs, and we constantly upgrade our technology to their satisfaction.