Key facilities

Cheran pumps with a well built infrastructure has a wide area for processing, inspecting, assembling, testing, packing, storage and forwarding facilities to provide a hassle free service throughout the year. Each and every stage of processing method is keenly monitored & necessary calibrated most effective precision instruments are used at each stage to maintain the material accuracy in design, structure & drawing.

Raw materials

Raw materials are sourced from all around India based on the quality perfection and compulsory inspection, required lab test for the materials are keenly registered, before taking it into assembling process in order to maintain robust efficiency of the product.

Mile Stones

Our manufacturing practices & preferences have helped us to set new standards in the motor and pump industry. We are focused on making products that yield value for Our Privileged clients. As one of the leaders of this industry, we understand the consumer changing needs, and we constantly upgrade our technology to their satisfaction.